All proceeds from the Gala go directly to support OneLove Africa Foundation 


OneLove is a registered NGO that creates economic development opportunities in East Africa through microenterprise training, funding and ongoing support. We deliver entrepreneurial training to those in remote villages who are most in need and

focus on building the capacity of the women since this in turn aids the entire family.

Entrepreneurial Training

OneLove Africa travels into rural areas to deliver entrepreneurial training to village women (who we affectionately call "our mamas". The training is delivered in modules that are highly participatory and include both exercises and opportunities for discussion to maximize the learning. The training sessions are at a primary school level since many of the women do not have a formal education. Handouts and training materials are in both English and Kiswahili and include a lot of pictures and illustrations for those who do not have reading 


OneLove builds the capacity of other NGOs  and community organizations by making our training curriculum and participant materials available at an affordable fee.  We also offer train-the-trainer sessions to ensure other trainers are fully equipped with the skills and materials to ensure their success and the success of those they teach.


In addtion to working with established groups we also travel into remote areas and train village leaders so they, in turn, can go back and train others in their communities. 

Peer Lending Training & Support

Upon completion of the Biashara Village  Ventures Training Program our mamas receive training on how to establish their own VICOBA lending circle (Village Comunity Banking). We then provide individual account passbooks, master journals for the Treasurer, a secure money lock box to keep the money.  To launch the group we also contribute seed funding into their account.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring

We provide resources that support the ongoing development of the micro businesses. This is critically important with any venture and even more so for village entrepreneurs who have little formal education. OneLove has developed a series of tools for group an/or peer mentoring.

In the summer of 2018, OneLove met with several tribal chiefs and village leaders and made a commitment to train 10 new groups of 'mamas' (30 per group).


Between September and December, three groups successfully completed the program however there are another seven groups desperately waiting for us to raise the funds needed to provide them with the same training. Hopefully this event will make that a reality.  

Turning Poverty into Possibility ~ Village by Village 

OneLove Africa is a registered Canadian charity (Victoria-based) that brings hope and support to remote village women in East Africa through entrepreneurial training, microlending and ongoing mentoring. Since our inception in 2010, OneLove has been responsible for the start-up of close to 2,500 businesses and empowered 120 trainers.

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